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The coach seats were wide enough, but a couple of more inches leg room would have been better.

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The food is served on a tiny tray that only has room for the hot dish. Other items are piled on top. Recipe for items being dropped, getting crumbs everywhere and generally less comfortable eating experirnce. And stop using plastic cutlery! Boarding was slow and disorganised, food was cold and tasteless chicken noodle not helped that I had to wait for cutlery to be able to eat it. The boarding had not started at the time due Staff advised they had commenced removing my luggage from the plane.

The plane was still there but they would not let me board.! There was no call or final call or even a personal call with my name. Then after pleading with no result, I requested my baggage. Staff sent me to baggage claim 2. There was no baggage, and by that time no Virgin Australia staff in the airport until 3pm the following day. I was distraught, the plane was still there and my luggage had not yet been removed and they refused me to board the flight!! The Virgin guy in charge was obnoxious and could not have cared less about my welfare, he personally accused me of swearing and I calmly reminded him I had not once used derogitorive language, that language was from another customer who was also refused to board.

I question W that the flight was overbooked? Pitiful service.!! I love the professionalism of the airline. The food was great for airplane food. It was served hot and the selections were good. The entertainment options were wonderful and the system was user friendly.

Flight canceled after luggage gone spent bight hotel arrive later than they said next day and missed connecting. In Sydney spent another night in hotel missed fathers 87th birthday. Promised no fees to change return ticket told it was in file and to just call the was no record of that promise when I called overall horrible experience. Booked with VA, however, it was run by Delta. I was not given a seat assignment until 5 minutes before the flight was due to leave. The Delta employee at the gate was rude, unapproachable and unhelpful. She told me ai was lucky to get a seat.

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When my wife rang Virgin to find out why my paid, and confirmed flight did not entitle me to a seat allocation when I checked my bags, she was told it was Delta's fault. When she called Delta they informed her that the flight had been overbooked. All in all a very poor customer service from both Airlines.

Boarding was very smooth and the crew were helpful, efficient, and polite.

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There was a good assortment of entertainment. I ordered the beef tenderloin, medium. It came out extremely rare and I had already eaten some by the time I realized; the entire plate was filled with blood. I ended up sick to my stomach for the remainder of the flight. Average height to tall individuals do not fit well laying down in the seats.

Better screens for in-flight movies. More legroom or upgrade options. Horribly shaky. Thought I was going to throw up. The male flight attendant came off as rude.

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Just happy I got off the plane alive because it was rough. The only thing i liked wad the quick boarding and the fact that the flight was direct. I think it's ridiculous to have a 10 hour flight and not give anything complimentary no soft drink no snacks nothing.

I have been on domestic flights of two hours and gotten more.

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For quite a long fight i thought it was a shame. The quality of the staff is so varied. There are a few of them, the stewards and stewardesses, who are top-quality, and then there are some that are absolutely horrible. Sexist, rude. The personnal was rude and unhelpful, the second flight was late and nobody told us why or apologized. I dont think that you should charger food in ten hours flights and special not that expensive for such awful food.

No thank you. And not a single pretzel without charge. Our luggage was not properly transferred in Sydney and then the recovery action was very slow and as if nobody cared. The fare we found to Sydney was a great deal. The Dreamliner was comfortable, and the cabin crew was friendly. The check-in staff at HNL was inefficient and did not have answers to our seemingly common questions.

The extra charge for entertainment brought nothing that everyone else got for free. Selection of entertainment poor. They were super nice and did not charge me for boiling water and tap water as I made my own meal on the plane. They gave me an extra-large cup which made it easy for me to make my freeze-dried meal! Reading the reviews - I also got the impression from Kayak that there would be 1 free checked bag.

It took 2 hours for me to get my bags upon arrival, so I was almost unable to re-check my bags when the layover was almost 3 hours. I had to take a cab from the international airport to the domestic one, rushing to make the bag check-in deadline, and then get there to see the flight delayed 30 mins. The delay is not the problem, stuff happens, it was the lack of communication, from start to finish that was frustrating.

Other airlines have texting and email services, and offer to check bags right outside of customs. The flight staff were very nice, but I felt like the girl at the bar only drinking water. No Service - passengers walk to the back and help themselves with water, the only thing that is marked free. Hostesses are either selling duty free items and other merchandises or chatting with each other in one of Chinese dilects. The food menu is very limited to bready, carbohydrates - not a single salad or actual meal is available.

Everything is tv dinner style. The entertainment only changes every few months so if you are frequent flyer with JetStar, you'll get bored of the movie and TV selection within three flights. The customer service varies wildly. I had one flight where a steward spilled a cup literally of water on me and handed me two napkins, and another flight where they moved me to a more comfortable seat upon request.

I paid for a year membership with the offer of deals and lower, membership prices. If I was flying with ANY other company, I would have received some type of positive upgrade for all my flying with them. I must have flown , miles with them this year already. Staff could have been friendlier. I asked for a cup of water and the flight attendant seemed annoyed that I interrupted her.

That it arrived too late to make my connecting flight and it seemed Jetstart wasn't aware of the passengers that were re-booked or that we wouldn't make the next flight. This is a big issue after traveling so far to have no luggage. Jetstar is a comparatively budget airline owned by Qantas. We were in Business class from Honolulu to Sydney and that's a well timed flight considering it takes a little over 10 hours, leaving Honolulu at 8: We normally fly Qantas business for international flights but in this case it's almost double the cost.

Jetstar Business doesn't have lie flat beds, it provides wide and comfortable seats and they don't recline very far, but as this particular flight is completely in daylight hours it doesn't matter too much. We will always choose this particular flight because of the combination of timing and cost, so well done Jetstar. Base price for flight was insanely cheap, booked six months in advance. Even anticipating this, it still cost double what I was expecting; must have been the difference between advance payment and day-of rates, but the degree of difference in cost left me feeling swindled.

Arbitrary singling out of passengers for baggage weight violations when majority of carry-on bags weren't to regulation for most passengers. Exorbitant fees for checking bags at gate. Seats were comfortable Plane was clean Crew members were pleasant Flight was on time We had an empty seat next to us It was a hour flight that went by faster than I thought it would seem.

We managed to deal with the weight limitations but an extra kg or 2 would have been greatly appreciated. Entertainment but because of poor entertainment I could sleep for eight hours. Thank you. Newer plane w seatback screen for entertainment. Baggage in Honolulu was delivered quickly.

Crew was friendly n attentive.

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The answer is simple. Excellent service, great value and an award winning airline.

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